Police Regional Office 12 -Thousands from various sectors and branches of government joined the Nationwide simultaneous Indignation Rally to denounce the violence, terrorism, and atrocities of CNT’s on December 26, 2019, At Plaza Heneral Santos, General Santos City.

As early as 7:00 in the morning, people representing private and public sectors gathered at Plaza Heneral, General Santos City to decry all the lawlessness, deception and lies made by the Communist Terrorist Group.
This happened after the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Eduardo M. Año calls unto all Governors, Mayors and other Local Government Offices concerned to create and organize a venue for the people to express their indignation towards the violent, deceitful and oppressive ways of the CNT.

For the first time, people bravely come to the streets with their placards, placards, and balloons denouncing the ways of the CNTs.

Former NPA members Ka Efren and Ka Igan who now turned to the government speak before the people this time not against the government but to reveal the hardships, deception, and the useless battle that they’ve fought for years which only benefitted their leaders which leave them and their family to the worst state of the economic situation.

Both have revealed how the CNT used them and their members to extort money from an individual, how they burned machinery, and on how they went hungry despite a large amount of money they collected out of fear of the people.

Ka Efren NPA spokesperson, who has been a member for more than 20years decided to turn to the folds of law after realizing that he is fighting for a wrong cause, while Ka Igan was recruited when he was 8years old, and a trained propagandist of the NPA. Igan left the terrorist group because of the hardship that he had suffered and because of the false promises made to him when he was recruited.
Meanwhile, Police Regional Office 12 led by PBGEN ALFRED S CORPUS, took part in the Indignation rally where he calls on the public to support the government in its peace and development programs. He also urged members of the CNTs to surrender and avail the government’s program that offers help and support for their reintegration to the community.

“Their violent acts claimed countless lives mostly of our innocent brothers and sisters. Today we rally to support peace and order and develop building initiative of the present Administration by denouncing all forms of violence, terrorism, and atrocities that impede peace and development to the communities” PBGEN ALFRED S CORPUS said.

“I would like to encourage everyone to help in the Government’s efforts to end the terroristic acts of the CNT’s by reporting and not supporting any of the activities of these lawless elements. This is just one way to intensify our campaign against these local terrorists and broaden the understanding of our people on just how harmful they are to communities most especially to the youth We must all work together to stop them.” PBGEN CORPUS added.

On the other hand, Gensan Councilor Edmar Yumang, who represented the City Mayor Ronnel Rivera said that the City Council has already passed a resolution declaring NPA as persona non grata. He further said that the Local Government of Gensan has already allocated a budget for those CNT members who will surrender.

The program ended as public burned the CNT Flag and the edifice of their leader Joma Sison to show their contempt to these terrorist groups