PNP Press Release No:03.18.2020.46


Police Regional Office 12 – One Hundred Seventy-Two PRO 12 personnel will be deployed on the borders of Region12 as it will be placed under total lockdown starting 12:01AM of March 23, 2020.
At about 9:00 Am of March 22, 2020, Sunday PBGEN ALFRED S CORPUS spearheaded the Send-Off Ceremony of the PRO 12 personnel who will man the checkpoints on all of the entry points of the Region.
Joint Regional Peace and Order (RPOC) XII and Regional Disaster Risk-Reduction Management Council (RDRRMC) XII through series of Resolutions came up with the guidelines for the implementation of General Community Quarantine as stricter measure to be adopted in preventing the spread of COVID-19.
The guidelines provide that all border entries in Region 12 shall be prohibited, except essential travels such as travels by reason of transport of basic necessities, for work, medical emergencies and government functions; Provided that in case of land travel, one driver and one helper of cargo trucks/vehicles shall be allowed and in case of cargo planes and vessels no passengers are allowed.
Movement of persons within respective territorial jurisdictions of the local government shall be limited to essential travels for medical emergencies, basic necessities and work.
Regional Line Agencies and local government are also advised to adopt to CSC Resolution on Alternative Work Arrangements in Light of Code Red Sublevel 2, to reduce the number of employees to the minimum necessary to attend to frontline and essential services of the agency/LGU.
The guidelines further enumerated on who will be allowed to travel within region without restrictions: It includes those who are in medical services, emergency responders, security services, providers of daily essentials, utilities of the government with ID, those needed in funeral services and other government workers with authorization or ID.
Fast lane will be established for vehicles/trucks carrying goods for basic necessities.
Thermal scanner will be used to check those who enters the region, and in cases of suspected person, personnel deployed will automatically turn-over subject person to DOH .
“Simple lang ang trabaho natin, ang bantayan na walang makakapasok sa Region 12 except those who are authorize as provided in the guidelines… Vehicles carrying our basic commodities shall be allowed as their services are essential to our survival….
“Kayo naman as frontliners, Be safe always, ingatan po ninyo ang inyong mga sarili.. remember we have a populace to protect and we have a family waiting for us at home, we cannot compromise their safety, thus, Be Safe always”PBGEN ALFRED S CORPUS, RD PRO 12 said.
During the sendoff ceremony, personal protective equipments and basic commodities such as rice, medicine, and other basic goods for a month long deployment are provided for the PNP personnel.
PBGEN CORPUS appealed also to the public that they should cooperate with the PNP personnel “We understand your predicament, constraints, and sentiments but please magtulungan tayo, without your cooperation all of these efforts are will be for nothing”
RD, PRO 12 further gave thanks to all of the stakeholders who gave help in the provisions of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and basic commodities of the deployed personnel.
After the sendoff ceremony a Pre-deployment briefing was conducted to concerned personnel where they were fully oriented on the guidelines pertaining to General Community Quarantine. They were also reminded of their role in the conduct of checkpoint.
The Regional Health Service oriented the personnel also on how to keep them safe from contamination.
Meanwhile, Officer Ladies Club led by Ma’am Ely Raquel “Aya” Corpus, wife of PBGEN ALFRED S CORPUS, also shared their part by distributing 400 pcs of Improvise Protective face shield and another 400 pieces of Alternative face mask for the deployed personnel.
“This is the OLC way of helping our Police Officers who are the front liners in this Crisis, more than a wife to an officer we are their partners in peacekeeping and we care for their mandated job”. Ma’am Aya Corpus said.

Chief, RPIO