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Police Regional Office 12 – Thirty-eight (32) NPA guerillas voluntarily surrendered to the government on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at the Municipality of Tantangan, South Cotabato.

With the presence of PNP, AFP, LGU and other law enforcement units, the additional returnees who were from the outskirts of Sitio Matapol, Barangay Simsiman, Norala, South Cotabato; Purok 9, Sitio El Nap, Barangay Dumadalig, Tantangan South Cotabato; and Sitio Mayada, Barangay Libas, Tantangan, South Cotabato were welcomed during the PTF-MTF ELCAC (Joint Provincial and Municipal Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict).

On the meeting at PTF-ELCAC, RD PRO 12 PBGEN MICHAEL JOHN F DUBRIA who is second time welcoming the returnees since his assumption of office, expresses his gratefulness that more brothers and sisters from the left were finally returning back to the folds of government.

Despite the uncertainty that these surrenderers only submit themselves in the meantime due to COVID 19 pandemic and might go back to mountains to continue their operations if the crisis ends, PBGEN DUBRIA assures to them that the government will support them to start their livelihood and he strongly advises that they shall work hard for it to cultivate and nurture their source of living so that there will be no reasons for them to go back in the remote areas and fight again for a useless cause.

“Pag magbalik na ang condition sa normal, makabalik-balik makagawas-gawas na mo, ayaw mo ug desisyon ug mali usab kay tungod mali gyud ang pagsaka ug pagsukol ninyo sa gobyerno. Daghan na ang nagsakripisyo sa inyuhang kabahin. Unsay nasakripisyo? Ang pagskwela sa inyong mga anak, ang katungod nga manginabuhi, ug ang peaceful nga pag-uban sa inyong pamilya, ang katungod na makauban ang inyong pamilya adlaw-adlaw. (If the situation will go back to normal, when you will be allowed to go outside, don’t make the wrong decisions again because it is totally wrong to fight against the government. Many of your cohorts were already sacrificed. And what were sacrificed? It is the education of your children and your rights to live peacefully with your family everyday)”, said PBGEN DUBRIA.

One of the surrenderers revealed the difficult life as a member of the rebel group. He recalls the time when they were brainwashed with black propaganda by their previous alliance saying that if they turned to the government, they will be tortured and will suffer. He said he realized that the promises of the Communist ideology have not brought them anywhere and have only put his family’s safety at stake. He also pledged allegiance and thanked the government for the acceptance.

Region 12 has a total of 133 NPA surrenderers since the start of mass surrenders last May 15, 2020 for which eighty-nine (89) of them were from South Cotabato. PRO 12 expects more CNTs (Communist NPA Terrorists) will surrender in the following days and gain the government’s ELCAC Program.

The surrender of the said rebels is the result of the unified effort of the Governor of South Cotabato Province, Mayor of Tantangan, Judge MCTC Tantangan, PD DILG, PD SCPPO, NICA 12, PSWDO South Cotabato, Force Commander RMFB 12, BN Commander 40IB, 6ID PA, Deputy Commander 601st BDE 6ID PA, C, RIU 12, C,RID 12, C, RCADD, C, ROMD, FC 1st SCPMFC and FC 2nd SCPMFC.

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