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Police Regional Office 12 – Three (3) Police Officer with the rank of Police Major promoted to next higher rank of Police Lieutenant Colonel on Monday Morning June 29, 2020.

On the traditional Flag Raising Ceremony led by PBGEN MICHAEL JOHN F DUBRIA, held at PRO-12 admin building, along with the ceremony is the donning of ranks of 3 Police officers as PLTCOL namely PMAJ MARIFEL A MAGANTO, PMAJ REALAN A MAMON, and PMAJ DOMINADOR PALGAN JR.

The donning of ranks in the PNP symbolizes the conferment of the authority and responsibility. The Ceremony also formalized the inception of the officers to a higher responsibility to lead and obligations they must carry on their shoulders.

The promotion was a result of the merit system to give recognition to the PNP uniformed personnel and uplift the morale of the Police force.

Aside from the mandatory requirements for promotion like, education, time in grade, mandatory schooling, and eligibility, the police officers were also promoted based on their performance particularly, awards, individual performance evaluation rating, interview, and strict Neuro-psychiatric examination.

On his statement PBGEN MICHAEL JOHN F DUBRIA reminded all the personnel that if they want to get promoted and be recognized to the next higher rank they must work for it, for everything they will do, will be the fruit of what they called a “REWARDS and PUNISHMENT”.

“I am expecting that you will have a greater commitment to our principles and renewed a sense of service as you accept this promotion. I am looking forward also that you will become good role models of competence, discipline, excellence, and professionalism in the organization,” PBGEN MICHAEL JOHN F DUBRIA said.

“I hope that you will not only enjoy the privileges of a higher officer, especially on your compensation but to think that, as you took a step to the higher you also accept the fact that you carry with you bigger responsibility” RD DUBRIA added

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