Police Regional Office 12 – PBGEN MICHAEL JOHN F DUBRIA, RD, PRO 12, receives Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) from Latter Day Saints (LDS) Charity on August 12, 2020.

Mr. Alex Benidicto, head of Latter Day Saints hand-over to the Regional Director the PPE’s composed of 1,000 pcs of Washable Facemask, 300 Pcs of Surgical Mask, 200 Pcs KN95 Face Mask, 10 Pcs of Hazzmat Suit, and 10 pcs of Face Shield.

The said PPE’s will be distributed to the personnel of PRO-12 who serves as the frontliners in facing the Pandemic Covid-19 Crisis.

According to Mr. Benidicto this is their way of extending their helping hand to the frontliners of PRO 12 by awarding additional PPE’s as we face these trying times.

In return, RD PRO 12 expressed his sincere thanks to Mr. Benidicto as such act is of great help to the frontliners in fullfilling their mandated tasks safely amidst this crisis.


@ PRO 12, we are more than our BADGE.!