Graduation and Badge of Honor Ceremony

Police Regional Office 12 – “Now that you have earned the knowledge, you have acquired the skills, and you have wisdom given by the Almighty to know what is right and what is wrong. And I expect you, ladies and gentlemen of SIMBAGSIK Class, to perform your best now that you are honored with a PNP badge on your left chest above your hearts” PBGEN MICHAEL JOHN F DUBRIA stated during the Badge of Honor Ceremony of Class “SIMBAGSIK”

Graduation and Badge of Honor Ceremony was conducted at Police Regional Office 12, Brgy. Tambler, General Santos City.

On his message the Regional Director also said that the newly graduated cops are the modern heroes of this era.

“You are the modern heroes in these current times because you were let into the Police force during this COVID-19 pandemic. You are the new heroes, you are able to perform Traffic, Investigation and Patrolling duties”, RD DUBRIA said.


@ PRO 12, we are more than our BADGE.!