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"Towards a safer SOCCSKSARGEN to live, work, visit and invest."

PRO 12 Email Addresses

LOGIN TO PNP @PNP.GOV.PH EMAIL SERVICE : https://mail.pnp.gov.ph/zimbra/

RD rd@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
DRDA drda@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
DRDO drdo@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
RCDS rcds@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
RPRMD rprmd@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
RID rid@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
ROMD romd@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
RLRDD rlrdd@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
RCADD rcadd@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
RCD rcd@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
RIDMD ridmd@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
RLDDD rlddd@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
RPSMD rpsmd@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
RMFB 12 rmfb@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
RTOC rtoc@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
RHSU rhsu@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
South Cotabato PPO scppo@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
Sarangani PPO sppo@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
Sultan Kudarat PPO skppo @pro12.pnp.gov.ph
Cotabato PPO cppo@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
Cotabato CPO ccpo@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
General Santos CPO gscpo@pro12.pnp.gov.ph
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