PRO-12 Seal and Symbolism

The Shield symbolizes the protection that the PNP, as a law enforcement agency, provides.  The fundamental mandate is to serve the community, safeguard lives and properties, protect the innocent and the weak against oppression and intimidation, maintain peace and order, and respects for the constitutional rights of all men.

The motto “To Serve and protect” is a “police officers creed”… It is emblazoned in PRO 12’s logo to highlight its commitment to serve and protect the people.  PRO 12 is committed to preserve and protect an individual’s constitutionally protected rights.  PRO 12 adheres to the tenet that every policeman recognizes the badge of the office as a symbol of public faith and accepts it as a public trust to be held so long as every one is true to the ethics of the police service.  As a law enforcers, each will constantly strive to achieve this objectives and ideals, dedicating themselves to their chosen profession…. LAW ENFORCEMENT.

The Six (6) Stars represents the four (4) provincial police offices (North Cotabato PPO, South Cotabato PPO, Sultan Kudarat PPO and Sarangani PPO) and two (2) city police offices (General Santos City PO and Cotabato City PO) of Police Regional Office 12.  The Stars are also the six (6) main Police Offices that compose PRO 12, associated with the ever fast economic development and stability of the region, in terms of agriculture, infrastructure, social services peace and security.

The color RED
The color RED symbolizes courage which is a quality of every member of PRO 12.  The courage to uphold the law without fear or favor and to face any threat to the peace and order in the region.

The Laurel Leaves symbolize honor, glory and excellence, virtues that PRO 12 uphold and maintain.  The men and women of PRO 12 have always displayed excellence in its accomplishments of its mandate and has been accorded awards and recognition by the PNP and other agencies and bodies.

Mount Apo and Mount Matutum are the most visible geographic feature in Region 12 and these majestic mountains dominate Region 12 and reflect as well as also symbolize PRO 12 highest aspiration for better service to the public.  Mount Apo is a volcanic mountain which is located in the province of North Cotabato and Mount Matutum at Tupi and Polomolok, South Cotabato, towns famous for vast pineapple plantations.

The Color GREEN
The color Green symbolizes life and represents the rich natural resources and conglomerous multi-ethnicity of the region, a unique, a multi-faceted understanding of the regions culture and traditions.  The natural greens from forest to lime are seen as tranquil and refreshing with a natural cool and warm that can best explain the relationships of its inhabitants.  Green is considered as the color of peace and ecology as being preserved by Police Regional Office 12 to protect the natural resources from exploitation.

The Agricultural RICE FIELDS
Represent the general product/economy of PRO 12 which is agriculture.  Land is the main asset of Region 12.  Its fertile land provides livelihood for its people.  It is a flooded parcel of arable land for growing rice and other semi-aquatic crops that leads to Region 12;

The Rice is one of the rich crops of Region 12 with North Cotabato, South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat being the rice granary of Mindanao.

Region 12 is the corn capital of the Philippines, thus it is represented in PRO 12 logo

Region 12 also boasts as the pineapple capital of the Philippines.

The Color GOLD
Gold symbolizes wealth and optimism… PNP PRO 12 believes that this region is the most promising region in Southern Philippines.  Multi-ethnicity, cultures and traditions are beginning to take its shape in terms of development, peace and harmony.  Gold means “Success”.

Tuna is the most recognizable product of Region 12.  You say tuna and you mean Region 12.  The tuna industry had  been promising and lucrative since its birth on this side of the earth- General Santos City.

The Color BLUE
Blue symbolizes peace, it also represents trust-wortiness, dependability and commitment.  In the “Police Officers Creed”, law enforcement maintain courageous calm in face of danger, scorn or ridicule;  they develop self-resistant and is constantly mindful of the welfare of others.  Confidentiality confined in the official capacity are kept even secret unless revelation is necessary in the performance of their duties.

The Color White
The White projects purity and cleanliness.  Police Regional Office 12 in its mandated creed on law enforcement…, Enforces the law courteously and appropriately without fear or favor, malice or illwill, never employing unnecessary force or violence and never accepting gratuities in return. White aids mental clarity, encourages to clear clutter or obstacles, it invokes purification of thoughts or actions and enables fresh beginnings.